Case Study 1

Our Client commissioned us to conduct political affiliation and Check for negative reportage on a Building Construction Company operating in West Africa We discovered that the entity is actually owned by the son of the head of state. The entity had also been misusing import tax waiver granted the entity by the authority, for a particular project, to import several materials that were not related to the project. They also imported several items for friends and political associates.

Case Study 2

86 year old woman who recently relocated back to her country of origin was declared dead after six (6) months of returning to Africa, her son tried to claim the insurance in America and Customerworth was contacted to investigate the case. The son claimed that his mother died in a very remote area of the country,’ the place is so remote that is not accessible by car’. The son presented a death certificate certified by the government authority, but we were able to track the supposed deceased person in a city far from the village where she was reportedly dead and discovered that she was still alive. Furthermore we went to the remote community and interviewed the locals who denied such death in the community.

Case Study 3

Our Client commissioned us to conduct KYC on an Attorney. An Attorney who claimed to be representing a Major Multinational legal Firm in a West Africa Country was discovered to be fraud, although he attended Law School; He failed his exams and was never called to Bar.

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